Week ending on 3/20/11

This past week I shopped at SEVEN stores on two different days. I’m crazy, I know.

First, I ran to Walgreens and CVS last Sunday, and those were by far my most impressive shopping trips of the week. I’m pretty well stocked up, and I don’t need lots of things from the drugstores anymore, so I’d forgotten just how great it can be to walk out of there with a cart full of things for which you paid only a couple of dollars. It’s even better when the cashier can’t believe you’re getting such a good deal, and she asks to see the flyer before she lets you walk out of there with all those things.

Friday was my regular shopping day, and I went to Hen House, Hy-Vee, Price Chopper, Aldi, and Costco. I could’ve skipped Hen House and Aldi since I only went to each of them for a single item. Sometimes it makes sense to go a little out of your way if the savings are worth your time and money, but not always. Even when the savings justify it, make sure you grab the right item so that you don’t wipe your savings by overpaying.

All in all it was a great week. I was only slightly over my initial budget of $50/week, which I have actually upgraded to a more realistic $75/week. I figured that $50 was much too restrictive, especially since I use that money not only for groceries but also for cleaning supplies and personal care items. Moreover, even the thrifty USDA food plan for a family of 2 is $82.60/week as of January 2011. More often than not, I hover around $50/week anyway, but I no longer feel like I’m constantly failing whenever I go above.

Spent: $0.40
Saved: $8.98

Spent: $3.93
Saved: $42.42

Spent: $26.03
Saved: $3.00
Price Chopper

Spent: $12.98
Saved: $16.40
Hy-Vee, Hen House, and Aldi

Spent: $10.08
Saved: $9.36


Groceries 3/25/11

Today’s shopping trip was really small and cheap. I first stopped by Hy-Vee, but they were all out of the Peter Pan peanut butter. They were in the process of restocking it, but I didn’t have time to hang around waiting for it. I might swing by to pick it up tomorrow. The Price Chopper trip was mostly to get some fresh produce, although I did get some coffee ice cream. I was also looking for Dean’s bagel dip, but I can’t seem to find it no matter what. That was my second week looking for it. By the time I got to Costco, I was entirely too hungry and tired, so all I bought was milk. I wanted to get the box of Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches that’s a great deal with the coupon from this month’s coupon book, but that giant thing won’t fit in my freezer. Maybe next week.

1 gallon skim milk: $2.49
Total: $2.71

Price Chopper
1.38 lbs green beans: $1.36
1 lb radishes: $0.99
2 mangoes: $0.69 (hmm, only charged for one)
Edy’s slow churned coffee ice cream, 1.5 qt: $1.99
Blackberries, 6 oz: $0.99
Total: $6.49
Saved: $5.99