My Own Personal Grow-Op, Slim-Down Project

“The trick to growing the damn things,” says my friend, “is buying them as plants, not seeds.”

We’re commiserating about the sad state of our tiny urban gardens. The organic seeds we bought from an online eco-shop look like alfalfa sprouts, and the Loblaws-brand Gigantico potted tomatoes I bought at the supermarket are Brobdingnagian by comparison.I’m in the middle of taking the President’s Choice Healthy Eating Challenge, BTW. I was challenged to eat a 1,500 calorie a day diet (using PC Blue Menu foods) in order to try to meet my goal of getting down from a Gap Size 6 — which we all know is a real-life size 10, thanks to what I call the Gap’s “Self-Esteem Sizing” system — to a Gap Size 4, which would bring me in line to a sort of medium-slimming body type by today’s standards, which would be Brobdingnagian by, say, 1970s standards. Go to any vintage clothing store and check out the sizing, and you’ll see what I mean.

But I digress. Basically, I hit my neighborhood Fortinos to buy more PC Blue Menu foods to try as part of my challenge, and, sadly, I have to admit I find them a bit…salty (maybe sodium replaces fat in these dishes?), so I ended up in the Fortinos garden center instead. I think my new twist on the PC Healthy Eating Challenge will be to grow my own crops using PC Gigantico seedlings, and create healthy meals from my tiny vegetable patch, instead of relying on salty convenience foods. Tilling my plot will aid in additional physical activity on top of my paltry weekly gym-time.

Will keep you posted on how it goes. I abandoned the calorie counting after week one, however I am making an attempt to curb portion sizes. Key word here is “attempt.”

One concern I have pertains to keeping the “diet” (I’m so undisciplined that it’s not worth using the word without air quotations) on the down-low vis a vis my 6-year-old. My daughter doesn’t know that the word “diet” may mean “a caloric restriction regimen,” she only knows it as a word to describe what humans or animals eat, ie. “an herbivore’s diet is vegetarian,” “a carnivore’s diet is meat,” etc.

I’m sort of torn however, on what the real problem is today: are they eating disorders a la anorexia and bulimia, or more along the overeating and obesity??? According to the Public Heath Agency of Canada, about 1/3 of Canadian Kids Aged 2 to 11 are overweight, including 18% who were classed as obese. Check it out:

Or maybe they don’t even have to be seen as mutually exclusive: basically, the challenge we face as parents is creating healthy eating habits so our kids know what real food tastes like, how to cook it, how to eat it without guilt or gluttony.

In any case, getting back to the plants, my Gigantico plants are around a foot high already, and the organic ones will be coming along slowly but surely, no doubt. Mid-summer we’ll have an nice bounty from our postage-stamp sized yard. Will I attain that Gap size 4/real world size 8 courtesy of my custom-designed PC Gigantico Challenge (plus a little help from my organic plants and eggs from my pet chickens?) Stay tuned.

Completely Destroy Your Double Chin For Good

You’ve got a double chin haven’t you?
And it looks downright ugly I’m sure.

… I bet you stare in the mirror at it.

I bet you wish you didn’t have that second extension of your face…

You know, that completely useless, permanent roll of fat below your chin, and no matter what you do, it’s always there.

Always staring back at you in the mirror.

Always on your mind.

Now frankly, I don’t care how big or small your chin is, or even if you have a triple, hell even a quadruple chin. I just don’t care.

And you shouldn’t either.


Because all that matters is that you’ve found this page, and you actually want to do something about it. Most will accept it, and get on with their lives, forever in shame. But you’re different, I know you are.

You’ve taken the first step by reading this, and knowing there is something you can do to lose your double chin once and for all.

Now listen to me when I say this:

I’m not talking from the perspective of one of them….

You know, the men and women that you envy, those chisel-jawed people, with the well-defined features. Those who even if they put on a bit of weight, are still sporting a well-defined profile.

Those who effortlessly look great on nights out, on dates, on any occasion.

Not at all.

I’m talking from the perspective of one of you, someone who suffers with an – to put it honestly … ugly chin.

This is me about 3 years ago:

You’re looking at someone who was conscious to even slightly tilt their head down, because of worries that the rolls of the chin fat will get even bigger.

I was embarassed to go out. Was self-concious of my face, and on a downward spiral to depression.

Now, let me make a correction: I’m not someone who suffers from a double chin… I suffered.

Trust me, I’ve been there. Thinking along the lines of….

“There’s no way I can have that jaw line”

“No matter how much weight I lose, my nasty chin is always there!”

and the worst…

“My ugly chin is here to stay”

Well I can tell you now. This is all NONSENSE.

And secretly you know it.

Yeah we have different genes, and yeah, some might have absolutely no this problem naturally, and you know what….

Good for them.

Now sorry to break up this cycle of self pity and no action – but here’s a newsflash for you.

You are not someone else, you are YOU.

So stop wishing you look like someone else.

Stop the madness!

Start deciding on what you want.

You need to ask yourself:

Do you want your double chin or not?

If you want to keep it – then stop reading, and leave now.

Because I don’t have time for you.

Want to BLAST THE HELL out of it? Then read on.

The truth of the matter is our head is on show 24 hours a day, no matter where you are, or what you are doing, our head is what defines us.

You can easily cover up a bit of belly fat, or arm fat, or leg fat, but face fat – no you cannot. And you know if you try you’ll look downright stupid.

So YOU need to do something about this.

I want you to take a look at me now (taken 4 days ago):

And before you start asking:

No it isn’t an expert photoshop job
No I haven’t been dieting or exercising
No I haven’t been using any machinery or fancy equiptment whatsoever

What you should be asking is…

How on earth did you do that?

It is gone, and its gone for good.

This was 2 years ago, and admittedly my weight has gone up and down a bit. But my double chin has never returned, not even a fraction, and I can safely say, it never will.

I finally have perfected my method, and am fully ready to tell YOU exactly what it is.

All I have been doing is following my TRIED and TESTED double chin blasting techniques that anybody and I mean, anybody can follow, for just a few minutes a day.

“These Techniques Are So Powerful That Once People Saw The Results I Was Having…
They BEGGED Me For My Secrets!”

When you wake up, before you go to sleep, at work, in the car. Who cares, so long as you do it and follow exactly what I tell you.

Trust me, when you start seeing the results I saw years ago, you won’t want to stop.

Now. I want you to stop reading and find a camera. Digital camera, on your phone, whatever.

Now take a photo of your face, make sure you get that nasty chin completely in view.

Save it as “The Old Me”

Because you’re face is going to change. And fast. So differently that even when your family, friends and work colleagues are telling you “You look great”, “Have you been working out”, you just won’t believe it yourself!

It’s time to blast the double chin.

Here’s what my tried, tested (and tested again) – The Blaster Techniques will do for you:

Completely annihalate any stubborn chin and neck fat for good
Reshape and tone your face
Define your jaw line to the MAX
Tighten your face skin
Increase blood flow in the face

Now you can benefit greatly from

Increased confidence
Younger, healthier looking face
Appearance of HUGE fat loss
More attractive face due to defined jaw line

Enough talking. More action.

So you’re probably asking… How does it work?

Did you know the fat found around your chin is one of the LAST areas of fat to be removed from your body.

So unless you fancy losing ALL your body fat to remove your double chin, then you need to do it another way. You need to somehow exercise just the area you need.

Sounds impossible right?

Well actually no. Not when you know how.

For decades, the big names of Hollywood have been closely guarding and practicing these techniques – bit of a coincidence that nearly every big Hollywood star has a chiseled jaw don’t you think?

“Your face will look younger, sexier and slimmer without doing a SINGLE SECOND of cardio work or dieting!”

It all is done through a series of simple yet powerful double chin exercises that tone and tighten the surrounding muscle – as well as burn fat localized to the face.

These exercises and techniques are unique and extremely effective.

I am living proof of just how effective these techniques are.

They are designed for you to do when and wherever you want … whether at the office or in the car, no problem!

You wanna know the best bit?

All you’ll ever need is 2 things:

Just 5 minutes of your time a day (common, that you can do!)

… and the Double Chin Blaster techniques.

That is it.

No fancy equipment, no hidden catches, no weird contraptions.

Just 5 minutes of your time a day.

In just one week from now you will see a face in the mirror that you never thought you could have achieved!

Don’t delay – take action now.

Week ending on 3/20/11

This past week I shopped at SEVEN stores on two different days. I’m crazy, I know.

First, I ran to Walgreens and CVS last Sunday, and those were by far my most impressive shopping trips of the week. I’m pretty well stocked up, and I don’t need lots of things from the drugstores anymore, so I’d forgotten just how great it can be to walk out of there with a cart full of things for which you paid only a couple of dollars. It’s even better when the cashier can’t believe you’re getting such a good deal, and she asks to see the flyer before she lets you walk out of there with all those things.

Friday was my regular shopping day, and I went to Hen House, Hy-Vee, Price Chopper, Aldi, and Costco. I could’ve skipped Hen House and Aldi since I only went to each of them for a single item. Sometimes it makes sense to go a little out of your way if the savings are worth your time and money, but not always. Even when the savings justify it, make sure you grab the right item so that you don’t wipe your savings by overpaying.

All in all it was a great week. I was only slightly over my initial budget of $50/week, which I have actually upgraded to a more realistic $75/week. I figured that $50 was much too restrictive, especially since I use that money not only for groceries but also for cleaning supplies and personal care items. Moreover, even the thrifty USDA food plan for a family of 2 is $82.60/week as of January 2011. More often than not, I hover around $50/week anyway, but I no longer feel like I’m constantly failing whenever I go above.

Spent: $0.40
Saved: $8.98

Spent: $3.93
Saved: $42.42

Spent: $26.03
Saved: $3.00
Price Chopper

Spent: $12.98
Saved: $16.40
Hy-Vee, Hen House, and Aldi

Spent: $10.08
Saved: $9.36


Groceries 3/25/11

Today’s shopping trip was really small and cheap. I first stopped by Hy-Vee, but they were all out of the Peter Pan peanut butter. They were in the process of restocking it, but I didn’t have time to hang around waiting for it. I might swing by to pick it up tomorrow. The Price Chopper trip was mostly to get some fresh produce, although I did get some coffee ice cream. I was also looking for Dean’s bagel dip, but I can’t seem to find it no matter what. That was my second week looking for it. By the time I got to Costco, I was entirely too hungry and tired, so all I bought was milk. I wanted to get the box of Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches that’s a great deal with the coupon from this month’s coupon book, but that giant thing won’t fit in my freezer. Maybe next week.

1 gallon skim milk: $2.49
Total: $2.71

Price Chopper
1.38 lbs green beans: $1.36
1 lb radishes: $0.99
2 mangoes: $0.69 (hmm, only charged for one)
Edy’s slow churned coffee ice cream, 1.5 qt: $1.99
Blackberries, 6 oz: $0.99
Total: $6.49
Saved: $5.99